Catharine Jorgensen :
Curriculum vitae


1989 - 91
West Glamorgan Institute of Higher Ed:
Higher National Diploma - Ceramics
1991 - 93 Cardiff Institute of Higher Education
  B.A. Hons Degree 2:1 - Ceramics
1991 The Young Designers: Design centre London
1994 Fletcher Challenge: Australia
1996 Lizard peninsular Arts Society: Cornwall
1997-00 Cornwall Crafts association: Cornwall
1996-03 Exhibited widely throughout UK.
  Cambridge Contemporary Art: Cambridge
  Bluestone gallery: Devizes
  Ocean Contemporary: Falmouth
  Coves Quay gallery: Salcome
  We Three Kings: Oxford
  Beside The Wave: Fowey:
Each piece is created using a combination of traditional pottery techniques such as modelling, slab building and press moulding. The clay used is a red earthenware clay on to which layers of slip, glaze and raw oxides are applied to achieve a rich and varied depth of colour and to accentuate detail. The journey to the finished piece involves many processes which are all carefully hand crafted to achieve a unique style.